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I may be a shitty friend, but I’m your shitty friend.

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Do you ever follow someone and they follow you and you really wanna be friends with them but you feel like you’re bothering them everytime you try to interact with them but they’re just so cool and you’re just like


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so I was in class today and we have these chairs that you’re able to adjust the height on and I looked straight at my history teacher and pulled the lever so the chair sank and I told him that I was going down in history


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For every restroom you go into, write ‘walrus’ on the wall.

Just do it okay.

Concerts, restaurants, movie theaters…whatever

just write walrus

So then you know…

some other tumblr person has sat on that same toilet

so doing this.

oh my some one did this at my school bathroom 

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congrats to all of us for being the first generation to grow up online

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